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Wrocław, 2-4 May 2013.
I. General provisions

1. The Regulations issued by Art Activity Center "Firlej" located in Wrocław, 53-504, Grabiszyńska Street 56, VAT PL 899-32-31-660, the organizer of the events conspiring "FESTIVAL ASYMMETRY 5.0", which take place in 2013 in Wrocław, hereafter referred to as the "Organizer".

2. The Regulations are directed to all individuals, which will be present in the Event area at the time of the Event. Every individual present in the above mentioned area, at the time of the Event, is obliged to comply with the provisions of these Regulations.

3. The aim of the Regulations is assuring the correct course and safety measures, of the Event, by specifying behaviour rules for individuals present in the Event's area and, what's more, specifying rights and duties of the Participants of the Event.

4. The below terms, used in the Regulations, will have the following meanings:

a) "Event" - meaning, every cultural event, including concerts, which will take place as a part of ?FESTIVAL ASYMMETRY 5.0?.
b) "Ticket" - meanings, the entry ticket, bought by the Event's participant, for a particular Event.
c) "Event's Area" - meaning, each building/other location, where a particular Event takes place, and locations to which the events conspiring "FESTIVAL ASYMMETRY 5.0" might be moved.
d) "Event's Participant" - meaning, an individual who has the right to attend an Event based on the held Ticket.
e) "Auxiliary and information staff" - meaning, individuals who prove their identity with an ID, located in a visible place, whose task is assuring the order and safety in the Event's Area and enforcing rights reserved for the Organizer.

II. Admission to the Event's Area

1. Only individuals holding a ticket have the right to enter the Event's Area.

2. The Organizer reserves himself the right to refuse admission, to the Event, and the right to stay at the Event?s Area (without the right for a refund) to the following:

a) individuals seen by the Organizer as intoxicated with alcohol, drugs or other substances producing a similar effect
b) individuals who have been forbidden entry to mass events and stay at the area of mass events, by the court of law, in connection with conditional stay of the carrying out of a sentence; juveniles based on Art. 6, Item 2 of the act of October 26, 1982, on juvenile delinquency proceedings
c) individuals holding weapons and other dangerous objects, and/or items specified in Item III, Par. 2 of the Regulations
d) individuals behaving in an aggressive and provocative way, breaking the public peace and/or endangering the safety
e) individuals violating the provision of these Regulations and the order rules, including separate regulations, coming into force in the locations where the Event takes place
f) individuals wear with metal tips
g) individuals not having an ID with them
h) Individuals whose external look makes identification impossible

III. Organisational and order rules, in force at the Event's Area

1. Participant of the Event are obliged to comply with the provisions of these Regulations and the order rules coming into force in the locations where he Event takes place.

2. It is forbidden to enter the Event with/possess the following items during the Event:

a) non-alcohol and alcohol drinks, drugs and psychotropic substances
b) weapons and objects which may be used as weapons
c) pyrotechnical, explosive and inflammable materials
d) other objects seen as dangerous by the Organizer, including glass containers

3. It is forbidden to enter the Events with an animal/carrying an animal.

4. It is forbidden to enter the Event carrying photo cameras, cameras and other audio-video recording equipment.

5. Taking pictures, audio-visual recording of the Event is strictly forbidden.

6. Auxiliary and information staff, who prove their identity with an ID, located in a visible place, are authorized to:

a) control an individual?s entitlement to take part in the Event, and in the case of lack of such entitlement - to order an individual to leave the Event
b) ask individuals to prove their identity
c) check an individual?s baggage and clothing, in case of suspecting him/her of trying to enter the Event with one of the items specified in Item III, Par. 2 of the Regulations
d) issue order to individuals breaking the public peace or behaving against the provision of the Regulations
e) order an individual, who acts against the provisions of these Regulations, to leave the Event's Area, especially if the individual does not comply with the order given, as mentioned above in item d)

IV. Tickets

1. The rules of purchasing tickets are available at www.tickets.asymmetryfestival.pl.

2. Tickets, bought by the Event's Participants, cannot be exchanged or returned apart from the case when an Event is cancelled. If such a case occurs, the refund takes place at the Ticket seller and is based on the rules issued by the seller.

3. The Ticket cannot be used, by the Event's Participants, in advertising/promotional campaigns, including contests and lotteries, as well as other marketing purposes. It is forbidden to re-sale the tickets, and try to re-sale them for a higher price than specified on the Ticket.

4. Using the ticket against the provision of these Regulations serves as a basis on which, the Organizer revokes the Participant the admission right, to the Event, resulting from him/her being the Ticket holder.

5. The settlement of credit card and e-transfer transactions are carried out via Dotpay.pl

V. Rights and duties of the Event's Participants

1. The Organizer reserves himself the right to cancel an Event.

2. The Organizer reserves himself the right to change the date, beginning time and location of a given Event, as well as the right to change the artistic programme. In such case, the Organizer will not be obliged to submit any refund or compensation to the Ticket holder. The Ticket cannot be returned and is valid.

3. The Organizer has the right to relocate the Participant, in the Event's Area, as well as his/hers seat.

4. The Participant takes part in the Event at his own risk and will be held responsible for any damages suffered and inflicted on property and person. The Organizer won't be held responsible for any items lost, by the Participant, during the Event.

5. The Ticket holder takes cognizance of the fact that, entering the Event's Area equals the agreement to, a free of charge, recording of his/hers image by photographing and filming of his/hers person, recording the sound and storing, transmitting and distributing of his/hers image and voice for documentary, report, advertisement and promotional purposes.

VI. Final provisions

1. All of the Organizer's rights, resulting from these Regulations and rules commonly in force, including the Organizer's right concerning the Event's Participants, will be carried out, during the Event, by the auxiliary and information staff.

2. The Event's Participant, as well as other people present at the Event's Area, might be exposed to constant high volume sounds, which may cause hearing damage as well as other injuries to the person.

3. These Regulations come into force on the following date 01.10.2012.

4. These Regulations will be announced by the Organizer, mainly by publishing it on the www.tickets.asymmetryfestival.pl website